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What do you want from your ticketing service? At the very least, ease of use, speed of service, data security and access to the best events across the globe. At Party Ace, we believe in providing you with this and more, to be the only platform you need for your events.

“If you need your event to succeed, Party Ace is the way to go. The platform was very easy to use; I was able to list my events in just a few minutes without any hassle! Party Ace enabled me to get my event out there to the right audience, at the right time. Unlike other ticket platforms, I experienced a friendly, personalised service that was second to none.
5 out 5. Highly recommended.”
– Iyla Rose Entertainment.

Our team doesn’t just work for events – we live for them. Being involved in the party scene ourselves, we’ve seen first-hand the motivations and frustrations of our customers, which is why we decided to create Party Ace, pooling our experience, passions and thirst for the perfect party, to create a platform that connects ticket sellers and event goers perfectly.

We are building a lasting community, online and off – where we can support new artists and promoters, as well as those with more experience who want to work with people that truly understand their needs. We are committed to customer satisfaction, security and intuitive technology that grows and evolves with you.

“What I love most about Party Ace is the friendly, warm and personal customer service experience I receive every time I interact with them. From helping me to list and market my events to right targeted audience, they are there to assist every step of the way.
As my events grow, I have no doubt Party Ace will be there helping me every step of the way. “
– Honourable Promotions

Our Mission is to offer all our customers – Party Goers and Promoters – an easy to use, feature-rich platform that is unmatched by anyone else. We’ve designed our services with you in mind, including our Party Ace App which is compatible with Apple and Android technology.

We are committed to providing you with cutting-edge services, and inexpensive, hassle-free solutions.


  • Email: support@party-ace.com
  • Phone: +44 020 3129 4717
  • Address: 71–75 Shelton Street,  WC2H 9JQ London, United Kingdom

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Meet Our Team:

Party Ace started after hearing the concerns of Party promoters when it comes to promoting their event and Selling tickets. From past personal experiences and the experiences from those around us, we were fed up with the poor impersonal service received from other online ticket platforms and wanted to offer something different. We offer an online platform that promoters and ticket buyers can trust and feel valued. We give a personalised service no matter how big or small the event, or the company promoting it.

Our team are:

Keith ‘Fergie’ Ferguson
Co - Founder

Being brought up in Jamaica, entertainment is enshrined in our culture and I am able to contribute to that effect through Party Ace. For me, there is no feeling like when a group of people comes together to enjoy themselves at entertainment events, and the look of success on a promoter’s face is just priceless! Party Ace gives me the opportunity to help their success.

My mission in life is to unlock all my potential and fulling my dreams whilst empowering others to do the same.

Since I was a boy, I have always been fascinated by what I refer to as the magic of musical vibration. With that said, my favourite music is not limited to any one specific genre, my vast taste in music just wouldn’t allow it. I find myself, however, from time to time being hooked to different types of music for short periods of time.

In my downtime, I love binging on my favourite TV series on Netflix, watching musical medleys on YouTube or wilding out at one of Party Ace’s listed events.

Whenever time and conditions permit, I take full advantage of activities from a high-intensity basketball game to a well organised ski session.

Fortis Cadere Cedere Non Potest – “The Brave May Fall But Never Yield”

Tshekedi ‘Shev’ Walker
Co - Founder

I come from the small island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and was a serving member of the British Army for 7 years.  I frequently interact with promoters about listing their event and about Party Ace marketing their event. It is important to me that every event listed on Party has every chance of success. I want to ensure promoters know their event is valued to us, whether they are selling no tickets, 100 tickets or 10000 tickets. I love when it comes to fruition a well organised Event, with the right marketing help from Party Ace leads to a successful event experience both for the promoter and event attendees.

I live life to the fullest, as it was intended. We only have one life so we need to make it count, and I ascribe to the saying ‘Music is life.’ I am what most will consider an all-round music guy. My music taste range from Soca to Dancehall to Hip pop to Tropical house music.

When I am not watching history programmes on Netflix or YouTube you may find me at the gym, playing football or reading. Of course, you’ll also see me at some of the events listed on Party Ace tearing up the dancefloor. Please do stop by and say hi if you see me!

Be the Change in the world you want to see

Paul O’brien

I come from Stoke On Trent, and attended Salford University to do Aeronautical engineering – which sadly I found very boring, and soon found myself in sales which is great fun. I am coming into my 60’s and have seen many, many changes throughout the world.  Parties are the future, as industry becomes more and more mechanised, people will find more time on their hands….I feel Parties by invite/ticket, will be the future of entertainment, pubs will lose favour and be replaced with managed events.

Party Ace is the way this business should be, friendly, responsive, helpful, safe and secure…how all online business should be, for the promoters they are sure in the knowledge that Party Ace will do them the best job possible, for the Party Goers, they can buy from us safe in the knowledge that they will get their tickets and be able to attend the parties of their desires.

I employed Shev for many years at my company and always found him to be solid and reliable, and when the guys approached me with the idea of Party Ace, I could see its merits and had no qualms about investing in them.

My Mission in life is to stay alive, to experience everything that I can, and to live in peace and harmony with everyone else in the world, would also like to go to the moon…

In my downtime, I am building the Cold War Museum, as well as turning my hand to farming – I have a growing herd of Highland cattle! I also love gardening, plants and growing them, and love the artistry of it all, book -, I am writing a number of books currently and hopefully will release my first book next year! I swim and cycle to keep fit, I love all things related to life and living and particularly the science of it all. I also teach Ballroom and Latin Dancing and love the interaction of music and body to take us all into nirvana

‘Persistence is Omnipotent.’ – Calvin Coolidge, 30th President of the United States.